Hey! I’m JingleπŸ””, a human-centered designer, researcher, and entrepreneur.

ALEKS Assignment List
ALEKS Assignment List βˆ™ SaaS
Empower instructors to better organize their class materials and provide students a more satisfying learning experience.
Integer Chips
Integer Chips βˆ™ Interaction Design
WCAG 2.0 AA-compliant K12 math learning tool.
Image of Tody
Tody βˆ™ Hardware
A teeth-brushing assistant that helps pre-school kids foster dental hygiene habits.
Jog βˆ™ Web App
Assist business people to develop deeper relationships with their clients, stakeholders, or partners.
Monkie βˆ™ Mobile
Make shopping experience fun and meaningful for families with kids.
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UXP2 Lab βˆ™ Academic Research
Research focused on HCI, Design Practice, and Design Ethics.